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What's Our Service

Sorted Recyclables 

We buy Sorted Recyclable Materials at Best in Market Rates From Haritha Karma Senas of  Municipalities and Panchayats, bail and send them to recycling plants.

Unsorted Waste Materials

We Source UnSorted Waste materials as well from Local Self Governments and get this sorted at our Facility, Bail them and send them to be Recycled.

Reject Material Removal

We move Rejected non recyclable materials from LSG's at a very reasonable charge in bulk Quantities and send them to be used as Fuel in various industries. This is one of the best ways of eliminating non recyclables in an environmental friendly way rather than sending them to land fills.

Hospital Waste Management

We offer specialised services to Hospitals by managing their General Dry Waste in a very Professional manner.

Residential Waste Management

We undertake collection of segregated recyclable materials from residential communities and Apartments.

Commercial Waste Management

We move  recyclable and non recyclable materials from Commercial complexes and establishments at a very reasonable charge in bulk Quantities.

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